Gamify your office by visualizing any measure using a radically simple information radiator

Teams already know what they want to improve, what if they visualized those metrics super clearly?
  • Development team

    Test coverage increased today, and all tests are passing, woo-hoo! Or build time is decreasing, everybody is happy! Or what about code reviews wait time is going down – green light!

  • Support team

    Response times decreased today? Yay! Or if there is some unassigned high-priority ticked in queue, make it pulse purple! Or customer satisfaction are going upwards … slow pink heartbeat possibly? Read more on how BI-Beacon makes support teams more efficient.

  • Sales team

    Flash blue ten seconds when someone signs up for your service! Or lots of activity on home page, switch color randomly! See how Woilà uses BI-Beacon to celebrate and increase sign ups to their service.

  • Production team

    Device passed all hardware tests! Production time is less this week than previous, hurray we’re getting better at this!

  • Or something else entirely

    .. that you know more about than we do!

  • Standard edition

    kr 1.499,00
  • Best choice

    Collaboration deal

    kr 749,00


Position a BI-Beacon by the coffee machine or sofa group, where people are relaxed and in a good mood to see beyond the details of day-to-day operations to release those micro innovations that make a big difference in the long run.


Communicate directly and efficiently


Let's be modern and have fun at the office


Simplicity is a value in itself

Engage your team in continuous improvement

  • How does the discussion on improvement happen?
  • How does team members keep improving daily?
  • A BI-Beacon changing color will spark conversations about how to improve daily and playfully.

The BI-Beacon is controlled over WiFi by POST requests, making it accessible from any operating system, programming language, or scripting language.

Some known integrations

  • BuildBot (Python), TravisCI (via GitHub)
  • Batch (.bat) based CI build system
  • PowerShell, Perl scripts
  • SQL Server triggers and procedures
  • MEVISIO digital dashboard system
  • Crontab and curl shell scripts