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Announcement: Open source API server coming in June!

We will open source the backend API server!

BI-Beacon loves open source software. The API has been intentionally open all the time, and open sourcing the server that controls Beacons has been part of the plan for at least a year – it’s just not been made official.

Having the API V1 server open source means you will be able to host the state server on your own premises, which may be necessary to satisfy the IT policy at your company or your clients. This also means you will not be locked-in to BI-Beacons state server “”.

The date of availability is 1st of June 2019. The backend server will be made available in BI-Beacons github server repository.

Beacons with firmware version 0.84 and upwards are reconfigurable to alternate state servers; units with prior versions use implicitly. Version 0.84 release date is 1st of January 2019.

/Olof @ BI-Beacon