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Celebrate sign-ups

A WiFi lantern to celebrate new sign-ups

A BI-Beacon client was launching a new service, which customers could sign-up for on their web site.

Whenever a sign-up occurred, a database was updated. Once a week, a report was generated on how many sign-ups the company had the previous week. However, this method suffered from two issues:

  • PDF presentations during Monday meetings are not super exciting 🙂
  • The relatively long period between registrations and the status reporting made it hard for the staff to see the correlation to their work

How BI-Beacon is used to celebrate sign-ups

BI-Beacon Standard Edition
A green celebration pulse

By positioning a BI-Beacon centrally at the office, at a vantage point visible for most people, everyone could see in real-time when a new sign-up happened.


Since sign-ups became visible in real-time, it caused daily celebration at the office, with increased awareness as a result. This in turn sparked ideas on how to get more sign-ups naturally and playfully. For instance, coworkers started sharing the sign-up page on social media to attract new people.

The integration was as simple as adding an SQL trigger to the relevant database table in the service.