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More efficient operations

A WiFi lantern to reduce disturbances and increase support ticket throughput

One BI-Beacon customer had an innovative idea on how to increase throughput in internal support and operations. The issues were two-fold.

  • Low awareness of new tickets coming into internal support ticket system
  • A lot of human related disturbances, stressful and inefficient for everyone involved and often reducing operations efficiency unnecessarily

How they use BI-Beacon

By integrating a BI-Beacon physically at the office, close to operations, both problems were reduced. This is how they did it:

BI-Beacon screaming pink

Purple color means there are unassigned high priority (system is down, or other critical issues) tickets in the support system, who will be the first to respond?

BI-Beacon green

Green color means all tickets in the support system is assigned to a co-worker, and none of them are high priority . Things are under control and no immediate action is required!

BI-Beacon warning red

Red pulsing color means there is a priority one ticket being worked on (or unassigned), so please do not disturb us, we are working as hard as we can!


By showing the support system state in this accessible way, they reduced the human disturbances of support, and engaged support personnel in assigning tickets as soon as they are in. In this way they sort of gamified the daily experience of working in support and operations, making business more efficient for everyone.

From a technical standpoint, the integration/coding effort was minimal, and done using a database query and a script polling the support system database every minute.