BI-Beacon collaboration deal


Alternative 1 – Share love on LinkedIn. You can think of a creative, engaging or just plain fun application of a BI-Beacon, and have a LinkedIn account. Within a month of ordering a BI-Beacon, you make a LinkedIn update with a photo of your BI-Beacon and write two or three sentences about how you will be using it.

Here is what some previous companies wrote on LinkedIn:

Alternative 2 – Share KPI statistics with us. You have a key performance indicator, KPI, that is logged to a file or database every day or week. You bring in a Beacon and see what impact it has by visualizing the KPI in some clear and accessible way.

For example, the KPI could be visualized by:

  • Going green once the weekly sales target is hit (or red on Friday when it is not met!)
  • Pulsing blue fast when the daily target measurement is increasing, or staying purple when still (or blink red when it goes down!)
  • See Use Cases for more application ideas

Get in touch to figure out the details!

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